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الثلاثاء، 3 نوفمبر 2020

What is Fuel Jettison (Fuel Dumping)?

Fuel Jettison, more commonly referred to as Fuel Dumping, is the intentional, controlled, jettison of fuel from an aircraft whilst in flight. Not all aircraft designs incorporate a fuel dump capability and even if dump capability is inherent to a particular aircraft type, a specific aircraft of that type may or may not be fitted with fuel jettison capability.

Fuel dump may be initiated by the pilot to lighten the aircraft when performance is compromised due to failure of one or more engines whilst in flight. It can also be used to reduce the aircraft weight to a value below maximum landing weight when compelled to land earlier than expected due to a turnback or an enroute diversion.

Fuel dump could be initiated without any forewarning and at almost any altitude, as might be the case should an engine failure, in combination with another performance limiting malfunction, occur on takeoff. Whilst it is likely that the pilot would declare an emergency in this situation, it is equally unlikely that they would have the time immediately available to detail any specific actions (including dumping fuel) that they might be taking.

For a more benign circumstance such as a fuel dump due to diversion or turnback, it is likely that the pilot will pre-notify ATS and seek guidance/clearance for altitude and location prior to commencing the fuel dump.

Best practice embedded in the ASSIST principle could be followed :

(A - Acknowledge; S - Separate, S - Silence; I - Inform, S - Support, T - Time).


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