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الثلاثاء، 30 يونيو 2020

Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)

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Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)

LAHSO is an acronym for "Land and Hold Short Operations." Land and hold short operations are an air traffic control procedure intended to increase airport capacity without compromising safety. This means that, as pilot-in-command (or as an operator), several minutes of valuable time can be saved during every LAHSO landing and taxi-in.

A LAHSO clearance, once accepted, must be adhered to just as any other ATC clearance, unless an amended clearance is obtained or an emergency occurs.

Generally, LAHSO can dramatically increase the capacity of an airport with intersecting runways. When winds are moderate, it's possible to use one runway for takeoffs and the other for landings, or land two aircraft at once. In conducting LAHSO, pilots should have readily available the published available landing distance (ALD), landing performance of the airplane, and slope of all LAHSO runway combinations at the destination airport.

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