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الأربعاء، 28 أكتوبر 2020

What is Traffic Information Broadcasts by Aircraft (TIBA)?

What is Traffic Information Broadcasts by Aircraft (TIBA)?

ICAO Annex 11 states that Traffic Information Broadcasts by Aircraft "are intended to permit reports and relevant supplementary information of an advisory nature to be transmitted by pilots on a designated VHF radiotelephone (RTF) frequency for the information of pilots of other aircraft in the vicinity" in the absence of air traffic service. It notes that TIBAs "should be made only when necessary and only as a tempor
ary measure.

ICAO envisages that TIBA procedures should only apply in designated airspace where either it is necessary "to supplement collision hazard information provided by air traffic services outside controlled airspace" or "there is a temporary disruption of normal air traffic services".

ICAO also expects that TIBA designations will be reviewed at intervals "not exceeding 12 months". It is accepted that if a TIBA procedure is being introduced because of a temporary disruption to the provision of ATS in controlled airspace, then one or more frequencies normally used for that purpose in the designated airspace may be used for TIBA.



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