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السبت، 16 يونيو 2018

Parts of a Plane

There are lots of parts in a plane, but there are main parts, such as; The Fuselage, The Empennage and the Wings.
- Includes the leading and trailing edges, navigation lights, wind flaps, ailerons, tie down points and stall warning indicator. Having a Cambered wing means the Leading edge (front) of the wing is curved, so the wind pasts the wing at the same time. It allows a low pressure to be produced on top of the wing. The advantage of having a Cambered wing is that it can be built to make the wing a lot stronger.
The Fuselage is towards the end of the plane, but it's still in the body of the plane.
- Includes the entry, emergency exits, aerials and static vents.
The Empennage is the tail.
- Includes elevator/stabiliser, trim tabs, fin and rudder.
- Includes struts, wheels, brakes, cowling, and exhausts.
Cockpit layout
- Includes engine and flight controls, flight instruments, heat and ventilation controls and main switches.
Wind flaps
The wind flaps are a very important part of a plane. They go down when the plane lands to assist the plane in slowing down. They also go down when taking off, so the plane has extra lift, so if something goes wrong the pilot has time to recover. They are located on the inner part of the wind on the back edge.
Ailerons are much smaller than the wind flaps. They assist the plane in turning. It's located on the far end of the wings.
The Elevators are like Ailerons but the do opposite for the plane. They help the plane go up or down.
Plus all the Fuel caps, tanks, drains and vents.
What to do
The best thing to do for cooling an aircraft's engine is to reduce power, rich mixture (fuel) and increase airspeed (more wind to cool).
If an aircraft stalls, you must pitch the nose down. A stall happens when air stops flowing over the wing and lift is lost. An Aircraft will stall at 16 degrees.

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