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الجمعة، 15 يونيو 2018

Prepare for your EASA PPL(A) examinations!

Prepare for your EASA PPL(A) examinations!

AirQuiz creates practice exam papers for the EASA PPL(A) and CAA IMC examinations.
Questions are generated at random from a large database of questions that we work hard to keep accurate and up to date. Contributors to the AirQuiz database include examiners, instructors, and organisations such as the UK Met Office and Lycoming USA.
Complete a practice paper online, and see your score immediately on screen. Detailed results, showing which ones you got wrong with suggested areas for further study are sent to you by email. Or, choose the offline version and work through it with a marking sheet sent to your email address.
Signing up is quick, easy and inexpensive. You can sign up for all subjects, or purchase one at a time or in any combination. Your access to the database lasts for at least a year.

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