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السبت، 16 يونيو 2018

Rudder, Elevators, Flaps and Ailerons

These 3 parts of a plane are very important. They make the plane turn, descend or lift.

Rudder - Located at the end of the Empennage (tail)
It rotates to help the plane turn. The way it works is when the Rudder turns to the left, the plane goes left, and if the Rudder turns to the right, the plane goes right.

Wind flaps - Located on the inner straight edge of the wings (non cambered)

These are important for landing. They go down to help the plane slow down. They also go up about 10 degrees when taking off for extra lift, so they have time to recover if something goes wrong.

Ailerons - Located on the ends of the wings on the straight edge (non cambered)
The purpose of the Ailerons is to roll the plane, which helps it turn. They are much smaller than the wind flaps. When the Aileron on wing side goes up, the other wing's Aileron goes down. The wing with the Aileron up tilts down, and the other Aileron which is down, makes the wing go up. It's just the opposite of the Aileron's position basically, it's a good way of remembering.

Elevators - Located on the edge of the horizontal part of the tail
The Elevator is like the Rudder except it makes the plane descend or rise. If the Elevators go down, the plane goes down, if they go up, the plane goes up.

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