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Aerodrome Reference Code

Aerodrome Reference Code

The ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code is a two part categorisation of aircraft types which simplifies the process of establishing whether a particular aircraft is able to use a particular aerodrome. It is included in ICAO Annex 14. It has two 'elements', the first is a numeric code based on the Reference Field Length for which there are four categories and the second is letter code based on a combination of aircraft wingspan and outer main gear wheel span.

**Special Brief
According to ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 – or national implementation thereof, as well as EASA regulations for Airports in Europe – each Aerodrome is assigned an “Aerodrome Reference Code”. As per 8th edition of Annex 14 such reference code is based on critical aircraft’s “Reference Field Length” (first code number) and aircraft wingspan (second code letter). For instance, an Aerodrome with a reference code 4E can accommodate aircraft with a “Reference Field Length” of 1800m and above and a wingspan up to 65m.


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