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الأحد، 12 يوليو 2020

What is Aircraft Strain?

Aircraft Strain

Strain is what happens as a result of stress. If a material is stressed by a force, it often changes shape and gets a little bit longer (if you've pulled it apart) or shorter (if you've pushed it together).

The strain is defined as the change in length the force produces divided by the material's original length. So if you pull a 10cm-long piece of elastic and it stretches by 1cm, the strain is 0.1.

If the stress acting on an object is great enough, it can cause the object to change its shape or to become distorted. One characteristic of matter is that it tends to be elastic, meaning it can be forced out of shape when a force is applied, and then return to its original shape when the force is removed. When an object becomes distorted by an applied force, the object is said to be strained.

On turbine engine test cells, the thrust of the engine is typically measured by what are called strain gages. When the force (thrust) of the engine is pulling out against the strain gages, the amount of distortion is measured and then translated into the appropriate thrust reading.

Strain is the geometrical measure of deformation of a body, representing the relative displacement between particles in that body





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