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Basic descriptions of NATS, PACOTS, NOPAC AND AUSOTS track route.

North Atlantic Track System

**North Atlantic Track System” (NATS)  

The “North Atlantic Track System” (NATS) is a set of parallel East & West airways between the US & Western Europe. They change frequently because the controlling agency tries to optimize for the weather that day (if the winds are more favorable 5o miles to the south, the entire track system might shift 50 miles to the south).  

**Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) 

The Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) is a flexible set of aircraft route tracks that primariliy link commercial air transport gateways of Japan and Southeast Asia and the gateways of Hawaii and the North American West Coast, as well as those in Texas. Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) tracks are daily high altitude pacific routes between eastern Asia and the western coast of North-America.  Daily updates for each direction allow for routing around weather systems and tracking of favourable tailwinds to improve efficiency.

**North Pacific (NOPAC) 
The North Pacific (NOPAC) Route System is a designated group of Air Traffic Service (ATS) routes across the North Pacific between Alaska and Japan. 
**Australian Organised Track System (AUSOTS)

AUSOTS is a system of flex tracks to improve efficiency on routes between Australia and South East Asia, India and the Middle East. The first group of tracks to be implemented are those between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to and from the Singapore area. This area includes traffic from Singapore (WSSS), Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) and Jakarta (WIII). The tracks will often suit flights to and from Denpasar (WADD). There is now a seperate daily track from Bangkok (VTBD) to Sydney and as of 1 Sep 07 Group E tracks between Brisbane and Perth commenced. It is anticipated that the system of tracks will be progressively increased, as well as catering for aircraft to or from New Zealand ports overflying Australia.

Tracks are generated dynamically and are promulgated either once or twice a day and are valid for the time period specified in the track definition message.

Compass pilots are encouraged to use AUSOTS whenever conducting a flight that can utilise this system.

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