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الثلاثاء، 7 يوليو 2020

Ground Maneuver Camera System

Ground Maneuver Camera System

Generally, Ground Maneuver Camera System is known as standard equipment that developed by Boeing company. The function of the Ground Maneuver Camera System is to provide real time landing gear, condition of ground during maneuvering.
Some aircraft, like the Airbus A350, A380 or Boeing 777, have cameras mounted on or near the nose gear that can provide video to the cockpit. This camera called Ground Maneuvering Camera System (GMCS) enables pilots to taxi more precisely.
A feature unique to the 777-300ER and 777-300 flight deck is the Ground Maneuver Camera System (GMCS), designed to assist the pilot in ground maneuvering of the 777-300 with camera views of the nose gear and main gear areas. The cameras are on the leading edge of the left and right horizontal stabilizers and the underside of the fuselage and are used during ground maneuvering.
The images from the camera will display in three ways which is split screen, flight deck video display or display select panel and taxi camera interface unit. Because of Boeing 777-300ER is modular design the ground maneuver camera system enables the flight crew monitor the wide range of aircraft system on flight deck video display which it shows landing gears, engines, surface of control, cabin and cargo area.

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